Friday, April 1, 2011

The Journey Begins

It was an urgent meeting with one of my suppliers for a swift transaction of chemicals to Japan that brought Melaleuca into my life yesterday morning, March 31 2011 . I vaguely recall the transition from chemical business to personal wellness which lead to another  kind of business, Melaleuca Business.

I was waiting at Old Town, Bangsar LRT Station when Vincent approached.  I was surprised to see his face literally glowing.  I knew he just got married over the weekend but I didn't expect to notice his facial complexion all fair and flawless.  "You look good!" I told him. He just smiled and continued to talk business.

After a while he was talking about another supplier of his and how he was introduced to T3 oil.  Being in the chemical business, he says, made him receptive and open to stories and testimonials about new products.

He then told me of a newly opened wellness hypermarket just one level above Old Town Cafe and how it was offering 100% money back guarantee within 60 days.  He also explains that the foundation for most of the products there is T3 oil, also called melaleuca. T3 oil has antibacterial qualities and all products sold in the hypermarket has been tested to be free of carcinogens, which is still present in most other household personal care and hygiene products.

After talking about the benefits of Melaleuca's product range, he exposed to me how every customer is actually a member of the establishment and that entitles them to get special discounts and commissions from every new customer they introduce. At this point it was beginning to sound like any MLM business, the likes of Amway, Cosway and Elken. But something in my supplier friend's enthusiasm tells me this is something worth looking into.  After all, I've always admired his business sense and attitude, and how he has time and again made the right choices in his business ventures.

"If you have time, I'll show you around the hypermarket and you can see for yourself the beauty of the money back guarantee concept coupled with a wide range of quality product" he said.

Discovering new outlets to get my grocery and everyday necessities is always a delight for me, so I agreed with glee.

After paying for our breakfast we proceeded to the hypermarket. There was indeed many impressive products and he told me he has tried almost all of the products thanks to the 60 days money back guarantee. Having experienced the effectiveness of the products after joining for over six months very much helped him convince me that my signup was imminent.

I told him I had to rush back to office for a few hours but will meet back with him there by 3.30pm to finalize my membership.

And so I did. Now I'm an eager 'Preferred Customer', ready to discover what made Melaleuca the fastest growing business in the world.

Membership fee was RM70 and a host of products amounting to RM273.50 (36points) entitled me for Preferred Customer status.

The products I chose were Attain Shake Milk Chocolate RM90, MelaPower Detergent RM25 + RM4 bottle cap, 3 different types of toothpaste RM16 each, Shampoo RM29.50, Zap It Facial wash RM22, Tub & Tile Bathroom Cleaner RM25 + RM6 dispenser, Melaleuca T3 Oil RM24.

Now that I have a range of household products to try, it's time I do a complete non-biased review on each of them.  And since I'm going to return those that doesn't suit me, I'll be brutally honest.